Video: Colorbox Haiku

Colorbox Haiku

Space has three axis.
Hue, saturation, brightness.
Create a language.


Extracting out form/figure as much as possible from a visual creation, we are left with color in pure relationship allowing us to see clearly how hue, value and chroma relate, thus revealing the visual perceptive system. Finally, make it interactive– and we begin to create a visual body language.

Filmed in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
October 25th and Halloween
Edited 11/11/11
filmed almost entirely on an iPhone 4 (except for the shots where you see me holding the iphone)
Trevlyn Sparks and I filmed

The portable projector cases were designed and created by Scott Provonsha- and as you can see work phenomenally in the rain.

Many Thanks:
Paul Janes-Brown
Akari Ueoka
Shannon Wianecki
Rita Goldman
Lish Pepperjack
Jonathon Mizel
Jerry Isdale
Nicole Bianchi
Terry and Jacob Liberman
Bryan Berkowitz
Stephanie Sachs
Trang Nguyen
Ian Strickland
Trevlyn Sparks

The interactive colorbox environment built with Quartz Composer
Macbook Pro
inFocus Projectors N2113

OSCeleton Tryplex: Sebastian Kox
Color Arrays: Jerry Smith, Christopher Wright, Adam Fenn
Gestures: Casey Scalf
All the Kineme community
George Toledo, Jaymie Strecker

Colorbox Team:
Scott Provonsha
Michael Ryals
Ben Holt

Dedicated to Elly Nelson for her Grace, Presence and Light.

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