TRI-THIS Color Prism: Fertility 2.0 aka Burning Man 2012

by gabemott on January 31, 2012

If you love color, you know Josef Albers, launch him into 2012  and you have The Color Prism. “This is future stuff, it’s Cyberpunk,Bladerunner, Snowcrash-esque”, according to hive45.

“The Colorbox could be one of the most important works of art ever created.”
-Paul Janes-Brown, art reviewer for, The Maui Weekly and (formerly) The Maui News

The eureka moment of bringing the Colorbox to the playa was simple: Go Big and Triangular. The XBox Kinect has revolutionized digital interactive art forever, but nothing yet has reached for this scale and impact. You step inside to complete the art.


Max Fancher: Mayor of Tiny Tropolis
Playa safe projector housing:
Ben Holt: founder of SOURCE interactive arts festival, bop on the playa, and builder of Entheon
Adi: created gates of TinyTropolis at BMan 2010, Heart Deco team

Computer protection (the playa safe command center will have lockable and secured boxes):
Scott Provonsha: invented waterproof and air cooled housing for Alchemeyez install of Colorbox

Team leader of Build of Prism structure:
Adi Taylor

Toben Lindall: alignment ninja at SOURCE, creator of doors of perception at SOURCE)
Gabe Mott
LNT: Eric Rubin, Tiny Tropolis LNT

Content will run on Two Hackintoshes (Built Macintoshes for affordability and faster Graphics cards):
Gabe Mott
Matthias Oostrik: artist, The Netherlands, worldclass Quartz Composer, Kinect expert
Sebastian Kox: coder, The Netherlands, worldclass Quartz Composer, Kinect expert
George Toledo: developer, worldclass Quartz Composer, Kinect expert
Chris Patrick: Voidmine

Hosting (During the festival):
The Prism will have the ability to run standalone but will have on duty at least two people during all dark hours.

Build Crew (arriving a week early):
Max Fancher, Adi Taylor, Scott Provonsha, Ben Holt, Toben Lindall, John Carty

Aesthetic (painting projector housing, LED lights, control room (carport):
Lala Schiffrin: Tiny Tropolis
Kalamitee Jain: Tiny Tropolis

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