“A visualizer for your body, it’s incredible.
A simple idea implemented brilliantly.”



Paul Janes Brown in the Colorbox

“The Colorbox could be one of the most important works of art ever created.”

-Paul Janes-Brown, art reviewer for MauiTVNews.com, The Maui Weekly and (formerly) The Maui News

“The Colorbox has ensnared me and played mind blowing netherworldly fascinating tricks. ”
-Joseph Alivero, Producer

“A Colorbox is more than beautiful. it helps people understand that the reality that we take for granted is really just perceived and not necessarily as we think it is. A Color Box proves to people that how we see the world is an interpretation. And because it is an interpretation, we have to be tolerant of how other people see things as well.”
–John Carty, Honolua Bay, Maui

“A Colorbox has been the most interactive of arts at SOURCE, mystifying and inspiring it helps to slowly spread an understanding of how we see color and of the relative and fleeting nature of our perceptions.”
–Ben Holt, founder SOURCE interactive arts festival

“Colors play on screens all around you at your command with your bare feet on the earth and endless sky and stars above….a whole body experiential way to learn about color that speaks to the inner artist in everyone.”
– Kirstie Carlson, Yogi

“I fully enjoyed the Color Box experience!! Besides the obvious entertainment value I really see it as a teaching tool. I studied ‘color theory’ in art school which was useful however very ‘dry’. A few minutes in the color box felt like an intuitive download. Good work!!!! ”
-Francene Hart, creator of Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck

“The Colorbox features a unique, interactive environment using computer simulations, cutting edge software, and four screens to create this rippling, psychedelic art object.”
–Rio Gordon, founder Alchemeyez

“The Colorbox is interactive and brings the kid inside you– out of the box.”
–Rose Gabriel, Creative Arts Therapist

“My son and I were transported to an interactive display of light, color, and sound. Fascinated, he danced with his shadow on the screen for almost an hour.”
–Shawna Gordon

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