Fractal Shui

by gabemott on September 8, 2013

We arrived on Tuesday night and soon enough, the sun was rising after we had built the yurt we’d call home for the next five days. While my Burning Man family of 5 went to sleep, I was filled with energy. It had been three years since my last burn and I remarked to myself “It hasn’t changed a bit”. Compelled to understand the projection stage I’d be sharing visuals on within the next 24 hours, I biked over a mile across the playa to Fractal Planet.

source-core effigy burning man 2013

Photo Credit: Mavis Muller

Not ten minutes after I had left my camp, refamiliarizing myself with the balance of biking on loose playa dust, shooting through sand traps so as not to get stuck, I came upon the SOURCE Core symbol– standing gloriously tall. It was seven years ago we had sat in a circle on Maui and dreamed of bringing a little piece of Burning Man to our little island. And now, SOURCE had become an official regional event, represented here.

I had only decided to attend the festival this year weeks before and since had been inundated with addresses at Black Rock City where my friends would be camped. In my mind, I maintained a loose sense of where they would be, knowing that it’s futile to spend much time searching out friends as the playa truly would guide what connections would be meant to happen. Nonetheless, as I got closer to Fractal Planet, I had a sense I’d find Sasha and kept my eye out for him.

Arriving at the far corner of the horseshoe, I began taking in the beautiful stratech triangles of colored fabric that made up the shade cover of Fractal Planet. The intention of simple beauty in the design was a true success- feng shui in full effect. I found two small screens on either side of the main stage and figured this was the extent of the visual projections. It wasn’t until Max was filming me in the small sphere dome that I was alerted the entire massive dome was filled with the projections. That was a thrill.

Some highlights included:

Sirena doing my guyliner
  1. Finding Sasha, Cadence, Rachel, Joey and Ali Baba on the first morning, the reunion of Maui Camp Awesome.
  2. Feeling a little lonely and going to Camp Awesome, following delightful music and discovering the lovely voice was the same one I had discovered online a month before.
  3. Max finding me at center camp and discovering that BELIEVE and the baseball bat tetrahedron art installations were designed perfectly to stretch my back and body in ways I hadn’t felt since my surgery 9 months prior.
  4. Watching Tennis and then walking up and down the EFFsplanade discovering I was as happy as I could be magnetizing friends and body painters before coming upon an epic party at Distrikt.
  5. Going to the Core Burn to find Ben Holt and the rest of the crew before Lacye and I escorted the Maui kids to meet the Oakland Family. Heart connection on fire.
  6. Harris “LEO-P-ard”
  7. Chasing Cadence chasing the Mayan art car to wait for Tipper to heal my body while dancing heart strings with Sasha.
  8. Rachel’s buns.
  9. Original Body blueprint matrix download with Lacye for Shinobi’s birthday.

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