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Colorbox Community Outreach Benefit

The Colorbox opens eyes and minds to our visual perception– understandable through body movement. Participants step inside the box to create visuals usually controlled by a VJ.  We are empowering kids of all ages to have a hand in the creation of art around them. Help reach the kids at Camp IMUA, the adults at assisted living facilities, kids building gardens at the homeless shelter in Wailuku, festivals seeking a deeper personal experience of art, let’s bring the Colorbox to people.

Thrills expressed through oohs and aahs are one thing, but when a kid exclaims “It’s me!”, it’s the essence of getting Colorboxed.  I hope you’ll join in the Colorbox Community Outreach.

Contribute now by clicking the Donate button on the right and help bring the Colorbox to folks who otherwise would never get this experience.

I’ve been admittedly obsessed with getting good exposure for the Colorbox (exploring how body movement relates to visual perception), while time and time again, we have set up in unexpected places. As you can imagine, these are the most thrilling experiences. Outside of the context of a staged show, the accessibility of the experience increases. I love these the most. We’ve been to tropical storms in Hana. We joined the King K High School Robotics team. The last two years we went to Camp IMUA, an especially special collection of kids that get a week with 2 personal chaperones for an experience of a lifetime.

This video shows what a cool experience it is to share the Colorbox with the kids at Camp IMUA:

The goal is to share the Colorbox once a month with groups that otherwise would not experience something like this. Your money goes towards general wear and tear, needed new technical equipment, software, new innovations, other maintenance parts, gas and labor:

The Colorbox in Hana using Infocus projectors
When we setup the Colorbox at Camp IMUA the first year. I was sharing with a young boy wearing glasses how he could press buttons on the iPad that changed the colors and effects of the visuals. In the middle of pressing the button, he suddenly stopped and pointed to the screen. He grabbed his friend and screamed “Dude! It’s me! It’s me!” He had found that his silhouette was outlined in color and broadcast on all four screens. The two kids jumped up and down. Soon after, we shared the Colorbox with a High School robotics team to help them raise money for their project.

“It was great when the Colorbox showed up!

…All the kids helped build it and learned how the Kinect had been hacked to make anyone drive the computer’s projections. While premiering the movie “Bots High” on the four screens of the Colorbox, many of the students marveled as they walked around to see all four walls displaying the movie and were thrilled when they discovered they could also step through the slim entry of the Colorbox and watch the movie from inside. At the end of the night, the kids showed off their dancing skills as the kinect picked up their silhouettes in kaleidoscopic colors and glowing luminosity. The kids had a BLAST.
–Jerry Isdale, Founder, Director Maui Makers

Honestly, these are the most rewarding ways to share the Colorbox. So this is totally selfish. And, I honestly thought that you might like to be a part of it.

I have in mind a number of groups that would appreciate and benefit. and am interested in reaching out and connecting with new ones. Please share this page with folks you think may be interested. The application is below.

Please make a donation by selecting the Paypal or Dwolla buttons at the right (your choice of payment method). Your contribution goes towards bringing the Colorbox to non-profit fundraisers, arts education, and other benefits to raise the arts and raise the people.Colorbox at Camp Imua

  • Help instill an appreciation of art in kids who have missed out on art education
  • Create an experience that gives kids confidence in themselves by empowering them. They literally get to control a room filled with color and light using their bodies.
  • Make color education fun.
  • Demystify technology and improve visual grammar. The Colorbox uses cutting edge technology. As the digital gap leaves many economically impoverished kids without the experience necessary to succeed in our world, the Colorbox is a refreshingly accessible high technology tool that generates moments of awe and understanding. The Color relationship environment is shown in this video.

I’ve been asked more times than I can count to install the Colorbox at various events and benefits. I always enjoy the experience. I’m betting that as much as I love to share the Colorbox in these instances, there are folks out there would enjoy just as much helping to make this happen. We are bringing a creative, educational, artistic and thrilling experience to participants, the vast majority who have never engaged in anything like this.

Examples of Colorbox Outreach:

Annual camp for special needs kids.
Read the colorbox blog post.

Robot Club Fundraiser
King Kekaulike High School:
Event raised money to send the robotics club to the competition on Oahu.

SOURCE Fundraiser
Hana, Maui
Event raised money to benefit art scholarships at the SOURCE interactive Arts Festival.

Thank you for considering a donation now to help bring the Colorbox to the people. I invite your collaboration as well, if you are hosting a fundraiser or event that benefits kids, the arts or education, and would like to have the Colorbox included, please fill out the form below.

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