ArT=MiXX: March 30th, 2013

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MEDIA RELEASE Media Contact: Trevor Arnholt  808-298-8273


ArT=Mixx returns to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center Saturday, March 30, 2013 in support of the Shaefer International Gallery’s current exhibit, “Finding the Forest,” an invitational collaborative show featuring 20 Hawaii State artists’ renditions of “the forest.”

The island’s premier interactive art party, ArT=Mixx continues to wow attendees and redefine what it means to experience art via dramatic installations, video mapping technology, interactive features and creative performances by local musicians, DJs, actors and dancers.

“We are creating an interactive art playground,” says Trevor Arnholt, co-founder of Fuzzbox Productions and lead creative visionary of the ArT=Mixx. “The experience is visually stimulating, very contemporary, and cutting edge; this is an art experience you are not going to have in many places on the island or anywhere else.

And it’s Free!”

Photo credit: Cadencia Photography, Model: Ariana, Body Painting: Rachel Deboer

Presented by the MACC and Event Horizon, Art=Mixx Finding the Forest is the fifth in a series of ArT=Mixx events, which have included “Abstract” and “Black and White” themes.

“We are bringing cutting edge artwork typically found at underground festivals that engage people interactively, and bringing that to Maui’s big stage– the MACC. The last event was all the buzz on social media.  I still have people telling me this was the best event that they’d ever been to on Maui.” Says Gabe Mott, creator of the interactive Colorbox project and art director for the SOURCE Interactive Arts Foundation.

Some 1200 people from all over Maui showed up for ArT=Mixx Black and White Edition last July. The event incorporated Op art, black and a live photo booth, DJs, video mapping, performance, and a variety of collective art projects for guests to contribute to. Once again, this is an island wide inclusive event. Participants are invited to wear costumes. Photographers are invited to submit images for inclusion in the show. Details for submitting art are below. As well, participants can start uploading images to instagram and use the use hashtag  #artmixxFOREST.

Art=MIXX Finding the Forest currently showing at the Schaefer International Gallery, is taking the series to yet another level. Inspired by exhibit, the ArT=Mixx 7- person creative team, a collective of well-known local artists, tech experts, and event producers, will craft an experience that drops guests into an abstract interpretation of “Finding the Forest.” Larger than life sets, video projections and interactive gesture-responsive installations, performances and props will transport attendees into the woods to discover magical creatures, primitive culture and a return to nature. Crafting the entryway arch will be visiting Alaskan artist Mavis Muller known for her large-scale woven burning baskets. Forest creature attire encouraged!


Open Entry for Photos to be displayed at ArT=Mixx!

Send us your favorite photos with a forest theme or inspired by the forest to be included in a collaborative video projection at ArT=Mixx event on Saturday, Mar 30. Get creative!

Up to 3 images per person only, please
Image Format Required : 8×10 inches, 300 dpi, 2-3MB jpg
Dates of submission: March 1 to 27, 2013

Send Your Image to: & be sure to include your Name and Contact info.

MACC reserves the right to review and make final decisions on all submitted images with regard to presentation. Sexually explicit or violent content will not be included. Your submission gives MACC express permission to use your images for ArT=Mixx event and promotion only. Photo credits will be included at the end of the presentation on 3/30/13.





For Immediate Release: May 24, 2012
Media Contact: Trevor Arnholt  808-298-8273


Kahului, HI, Friday, June 1, 2012 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm-- The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is hosting ArT=MiXX a multimedia event with DJs, 12 projections screens, live visuals and music as well as four live performances.

The event is free and will follow the opening of the world class art exhibit of Systemic Abstraction by S. A. Jones. The theme for ArT=MiXX is “Abstract Art”. You are invited to dance, enjoy food and beverages and immerse yourself in this entertaining and interactive art experience.

Colorbox at Art=Mixx“We are creating an interactive video playground,” says Trevor Arnholt, the producer of the event. “The experience is visually stimulating, very contemporary, very cutting edge, this is an art experience you are not going to experience many places on the island let alone Hawaii. And it’s Free!” Most of the installations will have an interactive component, responding to sound as well as body movement, and in some cases both.

During the first hour, from 7PM-8PM, many of the artists will open their work to the audience to experience first hand the interactivity of color, sound, light and movement. Highlights include the Maui Makers presenting a digital graffiti wall that allows participants to paint in light and The Colorbox an installation of four projectors, a doorway, and a hacked XBox Kinect. It will be open for all to step inside and control the visual environment with the human body. All the while, DJ Cudra Clover will be spinning “abstract sounds”.

The live performances start at 8PM including a massive Projection screen (22′ across) showing “Splitface Motherboard” a work by Trevor Arnholt. This will be followed by a live VJ set from Randy Mills and a collaborative projection dance piece by Doug Deboer and Jessica Dungans that creates light and color out of organic oils and waters and dies.

At 9PM Azuray Swimwear will begin a collaborative performance with The Colorbox. Live models will interact with dynamic visuals inside and outside the novel art piece. “This is a first, the Colorbox has always been a freestyle experience inviting anyone inside to create the projections. I’m thrilled by the challenge of creating a set piece that still embraces live interactivity,” says Colorbox creator Gabe Mott.

As the performance wraps up, the dance floor will fill as DJ Deviant spins his records. The Colorbox will open again to anyone wishing to step inside and become the driver of the kaleidoscopic visuals. All twelve projection screens will create a visually dynamic atmosphere that guests will long remember.

Delicious food vending will be provided by Choice Health Bar.


7:00-8:00: Artist in Residence: Visit each artist and their installation to personally interact with the work.

8:00-9:30: Live Performance

9:30-11:00: Dancing and interacting with artwork


Choice Health Bar

Brought to you by:
The Fuzz Box
The Colorbox:
Azuray Swimwear:
Maui Makers:
Choice Health Bar

Digital Video Artists
Trevor Arnholt is a film and video junkie.  He shoots it, edits it, mixes it, swims in it, and eats it.  He attended Columbia College Film School in Chicago where he honed in on this artfrom. Shortly after, he started the Undershorts Film Festival that featured film/video shorts from filmmakers all over the world.  He is the head projectionist at the MACC running all the films and videos for the Maui Film Festival and hosts the “Trev’s Tractor Pull Tuesdays” on Maui’s own radio station,

Gabriel Mott is an artist riding the wave of the digital revolution by exploring light, color and human interaction. His paintings, sculpture, and interactive installations have been shown internationally. Before moving to Maui in 2003, he graduated with honors from UC Berkeley and worked in Silicon Valley with virtual reality. His studies with Maui color master Dick Nelson sparked an epiphany that led him to create the Colorbox, a room of color that responds to body movement.

Douglas DeBoer, the ‘Visual Alchemist’, finds self expression in a variety of different mediums, which include drawing, painting, graphic design, visual projections, and multimedia performance art.  His professional work includes an eclectic range of projects, from working on films in Los Angeles to exhibiting his mystical paintings across the country, book covers, movie posters, music videos, and demo videos of all kinds. The common thread which unites Doug’s work is the desire to invoke the sacred in all of his creations, and inspire people to connect with their true spirit nature. You can find out more about Doug’s creations at,, and

Randy Mills is an accomplished poet, filmmaker and visual artist and has worked on hollywood feature films, major network television series, documentaries, and countless music video, short film and commercial projects.  Randy’s creative energy and passion for creating provocative mind-altering images translates in his extensive body of work and continues to serve as inspiration for all his current and future projects.  He also like bunnies and mittens.

Ariana Hornkohl is a fashion designer. She created her first swimsuit line in 2010-2011 called ARIE bikinis (Art Remains In Everything)  She currently sells her line at Wings HI in Paia.  She is the designer, pattern maker and seamstress of all her work.  She is working with surrealist painter Ryan McVay on a new high end swimsuit line called, Azuray Swimwear.  The line has original textile prints of McVay’s art work and his hand blown glass art as well on the suits.  Each suit is a piece of artwork in its self with limited editions in the collection. She is inspired to make art as a means of self-expression, freedom, life and imagination.

Cudra Clover is a large-scale silk painter of the abstract biomorphic variety, however she moonlites as a Radio host and DJ playing mostly Exotica Music. At Art Mixx she will be playing some experimental abstract sound mosaics. You can find her show, The Exotica Hour at and her art at

Dj Deviant, aka Toben Lindell, has been passionately seeking the ultra for almost two decades. Chicago born, art and culture has been an essential pulse of inspiration as a designer, dj, vj, and shadow puppeteer. For Toben, every gig is a cauldron of consciousness that continues to amuse. You can also catch him on or and as a FuzzBox Evangelist.

The Colorbox:
We seldom see color as it really is. The Colorbox expands our perception, and gives resonance to the concept that everyone is an artist. When participants step inside this cube of glowing, kaleidoscopic visuals, Colorbox digitally extracts form and figure, revealing pure color that moves with the human body, unmasking hue, chroma and value and creating a body language of color. Participants come face to face with the laws of color and light, and become artists, empowered by their own physical being.

Maui Makers:
A Maker Space provides shared physical resources otherwise unaffordable or unattainable by an individual. It also provides a dynamic workspace with access to collaboration, inspiration & encouragement of others. The idea is similar to “business incubators” or “co-working” spaces, although instead of offering an office space, Maker Spaces provide a group project workshop.

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