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Art=MiXX COLORBOX AZURAY Performance Soundtrack

by gabemott on June 4, 2012

In response to a number of requests for the music we played during the 9PM performance of Azuray Swimwear with the Colorbox, I uploaded a video soundtrack. The music is put together in the order played in this uncut video, yet I didn’t screen record the actual performance (video coming soon). So the visuals this is a screencapture video of the audience who jumped into the open Colorbox to dance following the performance. It’s all live– some of the animations are prerecorded. Let it play:

Beba: PantyRaid
Space Leaf Dub: Polish Ambassador
The Glitch Mob-Drive it Like you Stole It (Ample Mammal Remix): Polish Ambassador
Portal Hopping: Polish Ambassador
Lullabyte: Mimosa
It’s Over: Milosh

Reece Portoff’s ArtMixx compilation:

This was the most exciting exhibition of the Colorbox yet and I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to Azuray Swimwear, Ariana Hornkohl, Ryan McVay, and Darris Hurst. And to the model Actors who blew the crowd away, many thanks, Jamie Elizabeth Adele Burden, Jordan Nicole Payne, Shayleen Harrison, Alyssa Sved, Miranda Sarah, and Nanna Farrell. And finally, thank you Neida Bangerter and Trevor Arnholt who made this happen.

And thank you to the many photographers and videographers:
Ben Yashon

Ben Yashon Art=Mixx facebook photos

Sean M. Hower
Art=Mixx photos from Sean M Hower

Akari Ueoka

Video from Bryan Berkowitz

Timelapse from 8:45-9:45.

Stills from the Timelapse in balcony

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Cynthia Conrad June 6, 2012 at 9:29 pm

It was fabulous! Maui is a magnet for talent!
Mahalo, Gabe and all who participated.

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